Non-Negotiable Supplies for Outdoor Survival

Outdoor Survival

Whenever you’re going camping or into the wilderness for any other activity you need to be prepared for the worst. That doesn’t mean you need to bring a 500 pound bag, it means that you need to bring the essentials to survive in case you get injured or lost. There are multiple essential items you will need if you find yourself in a survival situation.

Here are the TOP 5 survival supplies you should always have:

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Survival Knife

1. Survival Knife

A knife is one of the most important items to carry with you. The ideal knife is a fixed blade knife as they are harder to break and you can apply more force with them. They work as a tool to cut items and carve wood but they also work as a weapon should you need to defend yourself from wildlife.

2. Water

The next important item is water supply. Whenever you are camping you should bring in as much water as you can but in a survival situation that can easily run out. To ensure that you have a source of drinking water bring along a water purifier that can connect to your water bottle or purification tablets. This will eliminate the risk of dehydration related symptoms.

First Aid Kit

3. First Aid Kit

You should always have a first aid kit with you but when you go into the wilderness it becomes even more important. Your first aid kit should be stocked with all of the items that you know how to use and an instruction booklet. If you spend a lot of time out in the wild it is a good idea to attend a Wilderness First Aid or higher course.

4. Fire Starter

Fire starters are key. Fire provides you with many different benefits. The most obvious is to keep warm but it also can be used to keep unwanted critters away. Fire will help you cook any food that you bring or catch during a survival situation. It can also assist you with making tools and purifying water if you run out of a purification source.

5. Signal

Signaling equipment can be helpful if search and rescue workers are trying to find you. The most common signaling equipment includes mirrors, whistles, and flashlights. You can find many other different high tech pieces of signaling equipment online though.

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Next time you go into the wilderness make sure that you include these items in your survival gear. They will help you survive if you should run into an emergency situation. Keep in mind these are the bare minimum items you should bring with you, you are always encouraged to bring more. If you’re interested in more good emergency survival info then you’ll find this survival and preparedness blog interesting too!

A Common Urban Survival Mistake

Urban Survival

It is (or should be) common knowledge by now that “survival supplies” are a must-have and having real-life “survival skills” is smart.  In addition to this, people are becoming more aware of the fact that you cannot rely on your government to help you out during a major disaster of any kind.  This is a fact, Jack, and they’ve proven it many times over.

So, instead of going into a state of shock or panic during the next crisis you should be prepared. But how can you possibly be prepared for every single type of scenario that you might face?  Well, that’s probably not possible, but if you plan well then you can definitely increase your odds of success for the most likely situations.

You want to have kits in the places where you’re most likely to be during an emergency situation.  For most people this is going to be an urban or suburban environment.  That means you will most likely be at home, at work, and in your car during the next emergency situation, so you need to have your plans for these different situations ahead of time.

Office Bug Out Bag

Fortunately, it is becoming more and more common for people to keep emergency emergency kits in their cars, and at home. However, many people completely overlook keeping a kit at the workplace — even though this might be the most crucial place to have a kit considering how much time most people spend there.

A really good kind of emergency kit for all three places is a Survival Backpack Kit aka Bug Out Bag. These emergency kits are handy because they are mobile and compact in case you have to take it with you. They’re lightweight and can easily be carried on your shoulders.

Your kit should have some basic items like emergency medical supplies, water, snacks, hygiene items, as well as any other small items that could be useful in a short term survival situation. You’ll want to be extremely thorough when you’re deciding what to include in your different bug out kits, but it’s also really important not to overpack.  You only want to pack the absolute essentials in order to keep your pack as light as possible in case you have to have to move from place to place with it.


Are You Prepared For An EMP Attack?

The first thing we need to talk about is what EMP means. EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. This is basically a very powerful short burst of energy that can interfere with all kinds of electronic equipment. That is the reason why so many people in the United States are feeling restless about this particular weapon. If an EMP attack was unleashed in the country, the effects would be catastrophic. That is the main topic of this article and we are going to be talking about the reasons why an EM attack would be devastating and what you could do in order to survive it.

The way we live in the modern world requires electricity for pretty much everything we do and everything we use in our daily lives. Our communications systems, our water supplies and even our health systems would permanent damage in every single device that is operated by electronics. Everything electronic device that is reached by an EMP attack would be rendered useless.

This attack would also cause for all airplanes that are in the air to crash and there would be no way to pilot them to avoid major cities or populated areas. With dozens of airplanes flying over major cities every single hour of the day, this is something that would create panic in the streets immediately, but this would just be the beginning of a series of events that would turn the entire country into a war zone.

EMP Airplane

Another huge issue is that most modern cars rely heavily on electronics and this means that a very large number of vehicles would stop working immediately. This will also start to create panic and a lot of people will try to steal vehicles that are still working in order to get away from the madness that will start to occur in the city.

Thousands of people are going to be trying to fin their way out of the city because they know that riots and violence will erupt as soon as the food supplies start running out. With the cities in complete darkness, there will be a higher chance for criminal activity to start happening and police authority would quickly be reduced.

The best way to survive this situation until order is restored is to make sure that you have enough supplies in your home to last of at least 30 days. An EMP attack would probably be easier to overcome than a nuclear or devastating natural disaster, but it would still take at least weeks and possibly even months to restore order.

Remember that there will be no ATM’s, no banks, and no easy for you to purchase any goods. Even if you did have cash on you, it would probably be useless because supermarkets would close down or they would probably start being looted after a few days have passed.

Your 30 day supply should also include batteries, flashlights, first aid kits and some other basic survival items for the long haul like hunting knives and even firearms. Ideally an EMP attack would not cause any long term damages, but months of criminal activity and rioting are definitely a possibility. Some people believe that it could take up t a year an ever more time to restore all the systems that have been ruined by the EMP attack.

Hopefully this information will give you a general idea of what you need to do in order to ensure that you can at least survive the first few weeks and months after an EMP attack without having to expose yourself to the dangers of the streets in your area.